“We are a family of four living and working oversees—and for many years have either prepared our own taxes or had unsatisfactory experiences with other accounts. We were often left with anxiety over tax financial planning as each year became more complex. Working with Steve changed all of that. His services were of the highest quality, clarity, speed and professionalism that we could ask for in an accountant. We can now focus our time and energy on longer term financial planning for our family’s future knowing that our tax filings are all in order,  and that we have a professional who we can count on. We’d recommend anybody in a similar situation to hire Steve with zero hesitation.”

“I’ve been using Steve as my tax consultant for about 15 years when I lived and worked overseas for a major American international non-governmental organization, and have continued after we returned to the United States recently.  Steve keeps abreast of IRS tax laws to ensure that we take advantage of things that benefit us while mitigating those things that can increase our tax burden.  Filing taxes can seem like such a hassle but Steve makes it easy.  I just upload tax documents to a secure server and when all the information is there he methodically completes the forms and then electronically files our taxes.  He is honest, hardworking and timely, and he charges very reasonable rates.  For me, it’s a no brainer to have Steve do my taxes!”